Orrgan Concert in Balboa Park

I was in San Diego last week.  I went to assist in a Money and You workshop.

Later I joined a friend and we attended an organ concert at the Spreckles Organ Pavilion in Balboa Park.  The organist was a gentleman from the U.K.  He was definitely a master.  I didn't think I would enjoy organ music, but I enjoyed the experience very much.

Hot Lap in Corvette ZR1

Hot August Nights, Reno's classic car extravaganza, is going on now through Sunday, Aug 11.  Some 4000 to classic cars are officially registered with an estimated 2000 or 3000 more just prowling around.

As part of HAN Chevrolet brings its best in the form of the Corvettes of the Ron Fellows Driving School.  We were able to ride a "hot lap" in one of their Corvettes.  The Corvettes have something in excess of 600 horsepower and I must say, the ride, for lasting slightly over 30 seconds was still quite a thrill.

The Passing of Cousin Garald

My cousin Garald passed from this plane Sunday evening.  He had been battling prostrate cancer for about 9 months before the cancer prevailed.

Some of my favorite times were when we would go to visit his father's farm.  He was always Gary to me.  His parents called him Garald.  He and I, and sometimes Cousin Tom, would explore the fields and the creek and other things on the farm.

Somewhere I lost touch with him except for news through his sister Lynette.  My four years with Uncle Sam may have contributed.  He moved to the Bay area and I was living in the Midwest.  I think I may have seen him once when he came back to visit the farm.

Rest in Peace, Gary.  Godspeed.

May Flowers

I didn't realize it has been so long. Anyhow, Reno is coming back to life after the winter.
The irises have passed their peak and the peonies are now blooming.

We experienced some frost damage.  I had great expectations for the tomatoes but now try again.

Took a drive to day to a place called Apple Hill (just east of Placerville, CA) We were scouting a new trip for the group. The area has a lot of apple and other fruit growers. Since it draws large crowds from the cities I think the traffic will be a bit too crazy. But I know you just needed to see this sign. FYI: The GPS told me this was the right route.

Another Great Reno Balloon Race

The Great Reno Balloon Race is now finished for another year and a super time was had by all.  Now I may finally be able to catch up on my sleep.

I volunteered to crew for an unknown needy pilot (without crew).  I get to play around balloons and even occasionally get a ride.  Yes, I still enjoy it.  And I get to meet a lot of fun people.

 Inside the Envelope

After Leaving the Field

The cactus was blooming.

Notice the bee or wasp enjoying the flower.

It's amazing how quickly the blossom fades away.